About Us

Zakordonna Gazette/ZGazette LLC
215 Second Ave., #2B
New York, NY 10003

The Zakordonna Gazette (Закордонна Газета) is а free newspaper delivered to Ukrainian centers, churches, credit unions, Slavic food markets and other establishments of New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Connecticut and Pennsylvania. The readership of our newspaper consists mostly of the Ukrainians who came to US after the collapse of Soviet Union, but it is also popular with the older Ukrainian immigrants.

The first issue of the Zakordonna Gazette was published in April 1996. Since then, our newspaper established itself as a leading Ukrainian-American publication with constantly growing readership and popularity.

The Zakordonna Gazette is one of the main sources of local, international and business news for Ukrainians in USA. The latest census data confirmed that the Ukrainian-American market continue to grow. Close to 100,000 new legal immigrants came to USA last year. At least 450,000 Ukrainians live now in the Northeast

New immigrants are waiting for your services and goods. They just started their life in the US and you can build their new taste and attitude. For most newcomers Ukrainian is their primary language of communication and if you want to sell services or good for this market the Zakordonna Gazette will be the best advertising medium.

We offer very affordable advertising rates and always ready to consider a special bonuses for you.