Stop talking about ifs and asking about whens

To my non-Ukrainian friends about Ukraine. Expressions “if Russia invades” or “will there be a war?” are nonsense. Russia invaded in 2014, and the war has been going on non-stop for eight years.

UCCA reached out to President-elect Joe Biden with a letter of congratulations

Український конгресовий Комітет Америки звернувся до ново˗обраного президента Джо Байдена з привітальним листом, закликаючи укріпити відносини з Україною, зміцнити міжнародно визнані принципи суверенітету та територіальної цілісності.

What Ukraine Needs Most?

Short Term Goals for American Leadership The Pentagon recently announced that at the request of the Polish government more U.S. troops would be deployed to Poland and at the request of Ukraine’s government more military assistance would be rendered to Ukraine, including missiles, radar equipment … Read more