Russians are coming!!! Donald Trump got 80% votes on Brighton Beach!

By Mykola Бонд (New York)
By Mykola Бонд (New York)

Donald Trump got close to 80% votes in “Russian” election districts of Brigton Beach and Borough Park. Trump did better in Russian communities of Brooklyn than in conservative Alabama. It gets scary in the light of this week’s CIA conclusion that Russia was doing everything to elect Trump.

Дональд Трамп отримав на російських вибірчих дільницях Брайтону 80% голосів. Це навіть більше ніж у супер-консервативному штаті Алабама. Там Трамп отримав тільки 60% голосів.

Do the research yourself. Source – How Every New York City Neighborhood Voted In The 2016 Presidential Election

Donald Trump – Brighton Beach, District 46. Trump – 80.34%


Donald Trump – Brighton Beach, District 74. Trump – 78.61%


Donald Trump – Borough Park, District 27. Trump – 89.1%