Three Snails – Unique crafts from Ukraine

Three Snails: message in life as the company sees it is not only just an online platform for selling handmade in Ukraine but the first ethic marketplace in Eastern Europe. What does the definition ‘ethic’ imply? It means that the goods it handles are produced from green eco friendly materials with minimum harm to people involved, animals or the environment. Their manufacturing and recycling do not pollute nature. By buying such goods, consumers approve the seller’s actions which contribute to nature protection and the environment harmony.

From now on, Three Snails is expanding the global market declaring Ukrainian handmade to the world.

Three Snails: what the name conveys

Olena Vechkanova, the company’s founder explains the symbolic meaning of her project’s name. She refers to the curl as a cosmic symbol. A snail possesses it, thus three of them have the triple power in this regard with their mega-curl. Besides, the lady compares artisans with these lovely creatures. They are slow but persistent in achieving their aim and succeed in crawling to their destination in the long run. Also, a handmade craft is not quick to accomplish either resembling a snail’s labor in a way.

The entrepreneur confesses that she is not good at creating with hands herself.  Nevertheless, she knows how to help masters to earn a living doing what they are passionate about. The problem is that they often have to give up their favorite skills to be engaged with something different. Many people nowadays have to leave Ukraine for any lucrative job because they cannot make a living of their families. It is difficult to believe that the average income in Ukraine makes USD 50 -100, with all latest improvements, the lowest salary hardly reaches USD 120 and the minimal pension is around USD 37. So its population goes abroad, for example to pick up strawberries in Poland for USD 500. It is not much in the world but it is a real fortune for Ukrainians. As a result, children are raised by helpless elderly grandparents while fathers and mothers are working in foreign countries.

It’s no secret that Ukraine loses its talents due to the extreme poverty of its population who feels abandoned by the government with their unique crafts which could be decently paid in the world.

Sadly, skillful artisans become cleaners, dishwashers and other low qualified workers because they see no way out. Thus, Ukrainian culture and crafts are simply vanishing away. Three Snails gives a chance to Ukrainian handicrafts to write their page in the ‘super-history’ of their Motherland.


Young project with the passion for life and help to others

The project was created in 2015. As of now, it unites 1000+ artisans and designers in Ukraine representing 9000+ handmade items at their online store. The company supports crafters and helps them to sell their goods worldwide. The founder of Three Snails has a great desire to help Ukrainian artisans as Ukraine is the country of masters with golden hands.

This project gives them an opportunity to work in their Motherland and to earn a living with their crafts. Yet, masters have a problem of selling their goods because basically they don’t know what is needed to promote their products. It is necessary for them to reach the global market as people in Ukraine don’t buy much as they are rather poor themselves.

However, to sell handmade items in the world requires internet, foreign language and marketing skills which the rural population lacks. The internet signal covers only 53% of the countryside area. Also, the project helps to improve the reputation of their country at the global scale.

After all, what the majority of foreigners can relate about Ukraine now is corruption, poor living conditions and a bad economy. The world society hardly knows that Ukrainians are sincere, skilled, hospitable and are worth a better attitude for sure. They put their souls and positive vibes into their creations. This nation is very industrious and wants to have a chance to earn money with what its people can do well.  It is a pity that their work is underestimated now.

TS gives them a chance to escape from eternal poverty and to have an opportunity for a better living and sadly, in some cases even to survive.

Why handmade?

The world’s demand in handmade greatly succeeds its offer. The global handmade market turnover made USD 18 mlrd in 2015. It has been constantly growing by 25-30% each year in its money equivalent since 2004.

Around 17% of the Ukrainian population earns a living selling crafts they make. Every fourth woman has a knack for handmade in Ukraine. These skills are inherited and fostered by many generations. What is more, many people use it as a kind of therapy. For example, it is believed that knitting may come down.

Besides, handmade items are in great demand in the world, Wooden, clay woolen items and goods for children are very popular now and Ukrainian craftsmen create good quality things at affordable prices. When TS lets the world know about Ukrainian handmade, it offers great things to consumers, gives a chance to earn some money to producers in their Motherland and also contributes to the positive attitude and recognition of Ukraine in the world. Thus, the platform is beneficial for many participants.

Ukrainian handmade items are interesting from the point of view of their positive energy as well, as folk craftsmen are taught to create in a good mood and in a good health only. Handmade implies a deep meaning in its customs and symbols, and this is something incredible to discover, too.

Three Snails handmade: different from others

There are hundreds of platforms all over the world now which offer handmade items. However, ordinary folk masters have no opportunity to sell their products there. First, such platforms charge commissions to register and enlist their goods. The other thing is that crafters have no idea how to promote their goods and advertise them. They have no access to international payment systems either.

TS assists with marketing issues making everything free for the producer: professional photos and descriptions, promotion, advertising, etc. The team thoroughly researches the market demand and advises the handcrafters how to improve their goods if needed. That’s why the platform accepts only excellent goods to display at their store so that customers could be happy with what they buy.

Three Snails searches the best artisans and helps them to earn some money at least for their basic needs. The unemployment problem is urgent in the country in general but it is a real curse for the rural area where handmade appears to be the only way to earn some money.

Three Snails: crawling to the top

There are at least several things these snails manage to be quick in: they are very responsive to the current market demands as well as their customers’ queries. Besides, they have a command of several languages to make communication easier.

Hopefully, folk crafters will crawl to the top ranks of the international market encouraged with a professional approach. This online handmade platform is a real blessing for them and the chance to make both ends meet.

The young and active three snails are injecting the never-ending cosmic energy of their curls into everything they touch. The snails are greatly inspired and seem to be on the right track so far. Yet the company needs the world’s support in their honorable deed.