What can Ukrainians outside of Ukraine do to help Ukraine?

Here are some of my thoughts.

First, let’s see the facts.

Look at the reactions to President Biden’s latest speeches on White House Facebook page.

Majority of people laugh at President Biden and Russian aggression. Read the comments too.

One more. The latest poll on support of Ukraine by US citizens shows that 55% of Americans think sending U.S. troops to fight Russia is a bad idea. Only 13% of Americans surveyed thought it was a good idea.

And one more: Poll: Trump voters now twice as likely as Biden voters to say Russia-Ukraine conflict is ‘none of America’s business’ (yahoo.com)

BIDEN NEEDS BACKING OF HIS COUNTRY’S CITIZENS!  He can’t fully support Ukraine without support of the Nation. Americans are skeptical about helping Ukraine after the US’ withdrawal from Iraq and Afghanistan. The average American sees Russian aggression as Ukraine’s problem and doesn’t want US’ involvement to spark WWIII. Americans worry about inflation, taxes and whatever affects them today and don’t understand that Russian aggression is a problem of every American as it will continue over years if not stopped NOW. Americans don’t realize that the future of their kids may be very different from how life is today. By the way, it is also applicable to all other western countries.

WHAT CAN WE DO? There are things out of our control, but we can get more Americans educated about the threat of Russia to the US/West and the need for NATO’s full military support of Ukraine. We need to strive to increase those 13% to over 50%. Ask non-Ukrainians also to SHOW their support by writing to the President or in other ways. Ask not to buy products of companies that do business with Russia and ask not to invest in these companies. 

Get creative with the ways to do it and share your experiences with us. But here are some suggestions.

– The key is to communicate with the goal in mind, know what results/reaction you want to generate with your actions. Creating awareness by “Support Ukraine” message may not be that impactful as everyone is aware of Russian aggression. The readers need to know the reason why they have to support Ukraine. Don’t just tell the stories – make sure you educate and send a clear message about what is needed. There is a lot of media interest in Ukrainian communities in the US these days. Don’t waste the opportunity if interviewed. Make sure your message will make the difference.

– Keep sending letters to the President’s office asking to send military support to Ukraine and ask as many Americans as you can to do the same.

– Contact your state representatives to support legislative actions with the aim to help Ukraine and ask as many Americans as you can to do the same.

– Contact the media and ask to accurately educate the public about the threat of Russia to Americans, correctly referring to the conflict as the one between Russia and the West (and not Ukraine). It makes a difference. The viewers/listeners should not feel as outsiders as this is the problem of not only Ukrainians but their problem as well. You may have other messages for the media.

Here is very good educational video – speech of Mr. Blinken in Germany on January 20th:

Spread it across your social media network. Share it with your Facebook groups, your town website/group, etc. Ask principals of your kids’ schools to share it with the students (i.e. in History class) and parents (through daily announcements/newsletters). Ask your children in colleges to share it there. Today’s youth will need to deal with Russia in the future.

– If you are attending rallies – have banners with strong/specific messages that the readers relate to. Here are some examples:

“Ukraine is not Iraq! Ukraine needs military support!”

“Fight Russian aggression against WEST!” (note: WEST and not Ukraine)

“Ukrainians need full military help from NATO to resist Russian aggression against West”

“NATO: help to protect the skies of Ukraine!”

“Send advanced anti-aircraft systems to Ukraine”

“Fight Russian aggression for the safe future of American children”

Again, get creative. If everyone does something every day – it will make the difference.

And as always, PRAY for Ukraine.

Aleksandra Kolyada-Rybchuk